Instructional Design Research

When I began my professional transition into instructional design, I was not very familiar with the various instructional design models.  As a result, I decided to thoroughly research them on my own time (this was not an assignment for class).  This is just one example of my passion for learning and my intrinsic motivation; I am perpetually curious.  While this document is by no means an exhaustive list of instructional design models, it does address some of the more widely recognized frameworks.

View the Instructional Design Research Document.

Sample Screencast from EDUC765 Project

One of the last assignments for this course was to develop a small portion of the training content.  I chose to create a screencast of the a required login process.  I recorded the screencast using Open Broadcasting Studio, recorded the audio using Audacity, and then combined the media files using Kdenlive.

View the Sample Screencast.